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Dates are indicative and without our guarantee. Africa Express Line reserve the right to change schedules and dates without notice.


NN CAM_North

Mimmi Schulte 
Caribbean Star 
Costa Rican Star 
Cote d Ivoirian Star 
Colombian Star 
North Bound
Douala 27th Oct29th Oct3rd Nov5th Nov10th Nov12th Nov17th Nov19th Nov24th Nov26th Nov
Tema 31st Oct31st Oct7th Nov8th Nov14th Nov14th Nov20th Nov21st Nov27th Nov28th Nov
Abidjan 1st Nov3rd Nov8th Nov9th Nov15th Nov16th Nov22nd Nov23rd Nov29th Nov30th Nov
Portsmouth 12th Nov13th Nov18th Nov19th Nov25th Nov25th Nov2nd Dec2nd Dec9th Dec9th Dec
Antwerp 14th Nov16th Nov19th Nov22nd Nov26th Nov29th Nov3rd Dec6th Dec10th Dec13th Dec
Dakar --12th Nov13th Nov19th Nov19th Nov26th Nov26th Nov2nd Dec3rd Dec
South Bound
Dakar 19th Oct20th Oct--------
Antwerp 9th Oct12th Oct15th Oct19th Oct22nd Oct26th Oct29th Oct3rd Nov5th Nov10th Nov
Portsmouth ----------
Abidjan 24th Oct25th Oct31st Oct1st Nov5th Nov8th Nov13th Nov15th Nov21st Nov22nd Nov
Tema ----------
Douala ----------

Last Update: 09th Nov 2017 15:15


Lady Rosemary 
Lady Rose 
Lady RoseBud 
Lady RoseBay 
Lady Rosemary 
North Bound
Douala 26th Oct27th Oct2nd Nov3rd Nov9th Nov10th Nov15th Nov16th Nov22nd Nov23rd Nov
Tema 28th Oct29th Oct5th Nov5th Nov11th Nov12th Nov18th Nov18th Nov25th Nov25th Nov
Abidjan 30th Oct31st Oct6th Nov7th Nov13th Nov14th Nov19th Nov20th Nov26th Nov27th Nov
Dakar 2nd Nov3rd Nov10th Nov10th Nov------
Port Vendres 8th Nov9th Nov15th Nov16th Nov22nd Nov23rd Nov28th Nov29th Nov5th Dec6th Dec
Vado 10th Nov11th Nov17th Nov18th Nov24th Nov24th Nov30th Nov1st Dec7th Dec8th Dec
Agadir 14th Nov15th Nov21st Nov21st Nov27th Nov28th Nov4th Dec5th Dec11th Dec11th Dec
South Bound
Agadir 16th Oct18th Oct23rd Oct25th Oct30th Oct1st Nov6th Nov7th Nov14th Nov15th Nov
Vado ----------
Port Vendres ----------
Dakar --27th Oct28th Oct--9th Nov9th Nov--
Abidjan 23rd Oct24th Oct--6th Nov7th Nov--20th Nov20th Nov
Tema ----------
Douala ----------

Last Update: 09th Nov 2017 15:15

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